Leoa Commissioned


Wispy, willing spirit me confers
with You — Dad, God.
You grip my shoulders, urgent,
“Will you go, will you break
the curse and set your people —
My people – free?
Will you drink this cup?”
It foams, it is dark, unknown. But
I know You, you’re my
Daddy. Your heart beats my song,
tender, sacred pulse.
Eye to Your eye, I say Yes.
Released, spirited away into the
embryo that is me,
Mission buried in flesh and bone
waits the proper time.
Decades pass, preparation, crucible
shimmers, dross floats, skimmed by
ungloved Hands.
“Now, little one. Go, set them free.”
Moment-by- moment breathe, advance,
armor-clad, shield a wall; step,
pause, listen —
Commander whispers into ears that hear,
daily tune in, step out —
Faithful soldier
Good servant – well done!
His words to come ring in me
and I move to make them
come true.